In the Garden

Bathed in dramatic light with a gathering storm on the horizon and wind gusts whipping the Star-Spangled Banner, the garden serves as metaphor of the darkness that has fallen over the country, while also symbolizing sanctuary, endurance and renewal. 

Picturing Evanston

Picturing Evanston is a celebration of the city’s vibrant arts community and an intimate look at the artists, makers, and artisans who create here.
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Tomorrow Never Knows

In a world that feels unreal, I ask myself, “What is real?”
Uncertainty at every corner. I say “Hello old friend”.
There is beauty in not knowing, in seeing what you want to see,
in places that don’t exist until you get there.
Embracing existence at this moment, in a reality of my own making.


The Omnipotence of Dreams

The images in this series reveal details of daily life as the subtext of a metanarrative. I explore the natural and human-built environments to expose the sometimes hidden traces of existence.

Part documentary and part poetry, I point my camera where life carries me. My sustained interest in shooting trees and structures against a limitless blue sky operates as a metaphor for freedom and a relief from the clutter of quotidian circumstances. I use the camera to take a deep breath. My photographs of everyday objects and environments are distilled to their essential shapes and colors. 

The crowns of trees and tops of buildings begin to float, evoking an island-in-the-sky image. By mirroring the image along a faux horizontal axis, the photograph takes on a surreal and meditative quality, designed to engage the viewer in a dream-like experience.

Unmoved 001.jpg


An homage to a place of work, its peculiar culture, its surroundings and most of all, to the people who spent the majority of their waking hours contributing to the company’s bottom line. 

Over the time of shooting, editing and pacing the photographs in this series they began to form a poetic inventory of what is left behind after moving to new offices and before it is all forgotten.

Pyramids of boxes, corridors echoing with silence, invisible occupants seated in empty chairs, conference rooms once humming with air-condition and voices, sleek, modern furniture now old and discarded in remote corners, shelves full of emptiness, unexpected islands of color in a sea of corporate beige.