Ninety-four artist portraits

A big thank you to all 94 Evanston artists that participated in the portrait session during the Evanston Made  group show opening this evening at the Evanston Art Center. I briefly looked through the photographs and I am blown away. Blown away by the collective and individual beauty and everyone’s willingness to have their portrait taken in a public setting. I was shooting continuously from 5 pm to 9 pm and only now had a chance to process the event. Looking at everyone, looking at me in the resulting portraits, I am deeply touched by the trust and openness I encountered. I will edit the images over the next couple days and get each participant their portrait. There also will be a gallery on And of course all this would not have been possible without Lisa Degliantoni and the countless volunteers that made the Evanston Made group show happen in the first place. Thank you!