As 2018 was coming to an end I made a commitment to renew my focus on photography in 2019. It's not that I slowed down with my photography, but there were many new ideas and opportunities that I wanted to explore.

As autumn arrives I am taking a moment to reflect on what 2019 has brought so far. It feels like a new beginning, therefore, this newsletter is issue No. 001.

There was plenty of travel that took me West and yielded new work which is featured on my new site.

The first two trips were to California, where the weather was unseasonably wet and cold, resulting in two very different series of photos.

The Other Day in California and In the Garden


Prints from both series were selected by Jane Fulton Alt for Vicinity 2019, a group show at Perspective Gallery in Evanston.

Other group shows I participated in this year so far were the Evanston Made group show at Evanston Art Center, Artruck, and the Mayor of Evanston's artist showcase at the Evanston Civic Center.

Another westward road trip took me over two weeks and 4,500 miles to Colorado and New Mexico, resulting in a small series titled Land of the Free, which is on view at Other Brother Coffeebar until the end of October. The photographs in this series are a contemplation on the promise of America and current realities. Titles for the photographs were inspired by Emma Lazarus’ sonnet to the Bartholdi statue of liberty.


All along I've been continuing to photograph Evanston artists in their studios for my ongoing Picturing Evanston project. Since January I was able to photograph Jill King in her garden studio with snow swirling around her tiny structure, Dorit Jordan Dotan as she was readying retired mannequins for her show, Sarah Kaiser-Amaral in her spacious studio and class room at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center, Rob Larson painting National Park scapes with the ultimate goal of visiting his motives, Heather Hancock creating shimmering, architectural images, out of cut glass, Jane Carney energetically working on her abstract paintings in a repurposed dentist office, Juliane von-Kunhardt addressing bee colony collapse disorder in her current oil paintings, and Kristen Neveu painting in her home studio. Photos from the last two studio visits will post soon to the Picturing Evanston website.

This summer I was fortunate to join a team of photographers on the LGNSQ Book Project. A photography book about the people and places that define Logan Square, a community in the midst of gentrification in Chicago, Illinois.

Last but not least, I am thrilled to share the news that I have been invited to join Perspective Gallery in Evanston, where I am looking forward to contribute to the gallery's efforts to promote the art of photography and to exhibit work.