Picturing Evanston

Picturing Evanston is an intimate look at the city’s arts community, one of the most vibrant and creative communities around.

Documenting community has always been important to me. I’ve lived in Germany, Ireland and California, but Evanston has been my home longer than any other place. 

Here is a growing arts community, fueled by the many visual artists, writers, muscians, and other creatives that call Evanston home. There is a palpable energy and excitement that enterprises such as Space, Hewn, the Squeezebox, 1100 Florence and others are tapping into.

I plan to document all this in a book and photography exhibit featuring the artists and artisans in their spaces. This companion website and an Instagram account  will be updated frequently as the project progresses. 

Along with the portraits of people and their environments I will examine the natural and built environment that inspires and nurtures so many creatives on the shores of Lake Michigan, just north of Chicago.